Why Choose Us?

1) Qualified Technicians:

My Go To Guy strives to have the best service technicians. We run them through a vagarious application process which includes a complete background check and mandatory drug screening. We make sure they can fit into our highest standards of performance and knowledge. We also make sure that they are polite, clean and courteous.

2) We Are Insured:

We carry workman compensation and general liability insurance for our handyman’s safety and your peace of mind.

3) We accept major credit cards:

Unlike almost all of our competitors, My Go To Guy accepts major credit cards.

4) Showing Up On Time:

Our handyman will show up at your property in a My Go To Guy uniform for your scheduled appointment. You can rest assured that they will be there ON TIME!

5) One Year Workmanship Guarantee!:

We pride ourselves in excellent workmanship and that’s why we stand behind our work 100%. For one (1) year from the date of completion of the work, My Go To Guy will repair free of charge any defects in workmanship.

6) Quality Control And Inspection:

My Go To Guy has policies and procedures in place to ensure that our customers receive prompt, courteous and high quality services. Once a job is completed you will be contacted by our office to ensure the job was preformed to your satisfaction followed by a survey to rate the handyman’s overall performance.

7) Quality Material And Products:

We only use quality products backed by a warranty from reputable vendors. You have the option to provide the material yourself or we can provide them for you for an additional charge. 

8) Competitive Rates:

Please contact us for current rates.

Services are charged at an hourly rate.

One hour minimum charge.

reduced rates for trouble shooting or project assessment.

Gift Certificates

My Go To Guy gift certificates are a perfect gift! Purchase one today!