The month of October is always known as the haunted month, but did you hear the bump in the night? How about a creaking door or other spooky sounds? This season seems to bring so many of these horrific fears into our own homes.

Now that the season is cooling off, we tend to hear more creaking and popping in our home. With surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal, there is some give and take. When these materials flex with the change of the warm to cold, there is going to be some creaking and moaning. This is perfectly normal, your home is not filled with the goblins of the night.

Are your curtains blowing from an unknown reason? Many times the caulking that seals gaps starts to wear out. It can crack and even fall out. You do not have to worry about the entry of a ghost; My Go To Guy can check the seals in your home and repair them.

As you step up to your dark home, you hear a long and loud creak that makes you shiver to your bones. My Go To Guy can fix the creak in your deck with the loose board that can only lead to larger problems if it is left unattended. Maybe it was the door that made that creak. It needs to be lubricated to stop the metal scraping across itself. Is your home too dark outside? Have My Go To Guy add some outdoor light fixtures to brighten things up and scare off the goblins that lurk around the corners.

There is good news! Your home is not haunted or the next scene in a horror film. My Go To Guy can make your home filled full of happiness instead of horror stories!