We were having dinner the other week with Kevin’s Mother and she was talking about her toilets that were starting to show some problems. With in a week of each other, they both broke. What was the luck of that!?! You don’t realize how much you use your favorite bathroom until it stops working.

After a trip to the hardware store all parts were purchased and installed within an hour. We don’t think about our toilets needing upkeep, they just always seem to work. But with any system, parts wear out and need replaced. When you start noticing a handle that isn’t as tight as it once was, a running toilet, or a small leak those are signs that its time to be tended to. So give us a call so you don’t have to spend a day with out your favorite toilet!

TV’s aren’t like the ol’ days where they were part of the furniture, now they are proudly displayed on a wall. This week Dad purchased a new TV. To mount a TV on the wall is quite the feat for one person. To be able to hold the TV, slide it on the mount, and then tighten it down or strap it on, all while you are holding a pricy piece of equipment can be very nerve wracking. That is where a handyman comes into place. We are here to get your new purchase safely installed and beautifully hanging on the wall.

Luckily, our parents have handymen in the family. For everyone else, there is My Go To Guy Handyman Services at 765-748-0334!