My Go To Guy Handyman Service is all about helping you with your home repair and maintenance. Not only will be there to complete these tasks for you, but we also offer a one year labor warranty. You know that you can count on us for years to come!

  • Tackle one project at a time
    • Which project is driving you the craziest? That is the one you need to have fixed first. From there prioritize your list.
  • Keep a journal
    • Buy a binder or accordion file to keep all of your receipts and paperwork that pertain to your home repairs and maintenance. Storing all of this home information in one place will make life easier to know when everything has been repaired and it is a plus for when you want to sell your home at a later date.
  • Keep a maintenance list for each season
    • Many times we get so busy living life that we don’t think about seasonal maintenance. If you keep a list handy, it will remind you when and what maintenance needs to be completed. Many lists can be found on-line. Put a reminder in your phone and you won’t forget again. Better yet, have My Go To Guy take care of this with our maintenance program.
  • Finish your projects
    • Did you get started on a project, but you ran out of time or was in way over your head? Give My Go To Guy a call and we can finish the job for you.
  • Budget for problems
    • When repairing a home, we don’t always know what is “behind the walls”. If you budget for those unknown repairs, you will be prepared for when they reveal themselves. You won’t be so stressed because you have the money to make the needed repair that just popped up.

Are you ready for My Go To Guy Handyman Service to give you a hand in your home maintenance and repair? If so, give us a call at 765-748-0334!