My Go To Guy has been reaching out in the community to inform local businesses with what our company can do to help them. Recently, Berkshire Hathaway Realty offered “give away a home” during the Agricultural days at the Delaware County Fairgrounds. Berkshire Hathaway offered a variety of animal homes in their “give away a home” project. My Go To Guy donated a chicken coop and helped the realtor company with their project. At the end of Ag Days, the lucky winner of the chicken coop was Stephen Hole.

My Go To Guy has also attended a weekly meeting at Berkshire Hathaway Realty to discuss how My Go To Guy can assist the realtors. We can help make updates to homes so they are ready to be sold, we can help new home buyers make the changes to their new home, and we also offer home warranty packages.

We are also helping the Youth Symphony Orchestra of East Central Indiana. We will be donating a gift certificate for their Spring Concert and Silent auction on May 7th. All of these proceeds will go towards student programing.

Keep an eye out for My Go To Guy as we continue to build relationships and get more involved in our community!