Moving into a community where all of the hassles of caring for a home are provided seems very enticing. Then reality sets in. You have to move from the home that holds a lot of memories, as well as all of your belongings from the many years you have occupied your home. Condominium or Planned Unit Developments may be a solution for downsizing and getting away from all of the maintenance issues of an aging home but there are drawbacks. Unfortunately condos and PUD’s have expensive fees and stringent rules for what you can and can’t do. With My Go To Guy’s affordable whole house maintenance and repair services there is no reason to leave your home now! Everyone wants that trusted “go to guy” to take care of all of those pesky little repairs. My Go To Guy is brought to you by Butler Homes which has been a solid contractor in the Muncie community for over 50 years. You can be assured that with us your home will be cared for. We are ready to do all of the “aging in place” updates you need to keep you in your home.